Monday 4 June 2012

Wood Firing Workshop

Last Saturday, 2nd June, Flowerfield Arts Centre hosted a wood firing workshop run by resident potter, Adam Frew, and assisted by Peter Montgomery.  It was a rare and exhilarating opportunity for participants to not only have pieces fired in an outdoor kiln fuelled by wood, but also to help in the actual stoking of the kiln through out the day.  The workshop began at 9am with students glazing pots and then packing the kiln.  Then a small fire was lit at the front , and stoked throughout the day giving a steady climb in temperature up to 1300℃.  The grand finale of 'crash cooling' the kiln saw Adam and Peter packing as much wood in as they could before sealing the kiln.

The wood firing was successful in creating interesting effects on the pots, the flames coloured the pots and the wood ash formed glazes, warm reds to cool blues.

Stoking the kiln

The grand finale: crash cooling

Reduction cool

Kiln sealed up

Peter, Adam and participants, Laurian and Frieda

Fired Pots

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