Tuesday 5 June 2012

Glassblowing Demonstration

Last Sunday Scott Benefield and Andrea Spencer arrived at Flowerfield Arts Centre with their portable electric furnace and 'flat-packed' studio!  With in a very short space of time the pottery room here was converted into a fully functioning glassblowing studio, with furnace, bench, glory-hole and marver.

The event kicked off at 2pm, firstly with a short lampworking demonstration by Catherine Keenan and then with Scott and Andrea explaining the process of blowing to an enthralled audience.  It was a rare opportunity to witness blowing molten glass in Northern Ireland and for many people it was the first time they saw the process up close.
First gather from Scott's new furnace

Onlooking crowd as Scott marvers the glass

Scott shaping the glass as Andrea blows

Andrea bringing a punty

Opening the vessel

Making a lip on a jug

Andrea making a handle

Putting the handle on

Finishing the beer mug!

Resident artist Catherine Keenan gathering

Shaping the bubble

Furnace going home!

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