Wednesday 24 April 2013

Flowerfield Student's Exhibition

Student's of Flowerfield's courses such as patchwork, crochet, pottery, painting and glass fusing are exhibiting in the gallery this month.  There is a wide variety of work on display, and alongside the students, the tutors of the courses are also exhibiting some pieces.  Much of the work is for sale (and a healthy amount has already sold!) so if you call down you may even be tempted to pick up a piece of artwork!
The exhibition will run until Friday 3rd May.  The gallery is open from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday and from 10am-1pm on Saturdays. Call 028 7083 1400 for details.

Rosemary Hopkins 'Autumn in Umbria'

Pot by Adam Frew, Quilt by Betty Chambers

Above, Ken Ward 'Kenbane', Below, Sam Martin 'Pea Green Boats'

Tecla Stinson 'Bluebird'

Jennifer Stewart, crochet
Penny Shipley Ramalho 'Soay'

Annette Hennessy 'Swimmer'

Pots by Lorna Noble, 'Head' Sarah Calderwood and quilt by Anne Rickerby

Charlye McMorris 'Good Day at Work'

Glass Bowl by Viola McMorris

detail of 'View across West Bay' by Carol Kay

Isobel Hemphill 'Tullymore Forest Park'

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