Monday 8 October 2012

Gail Mahon Exhibition

A conceptual ceramics exhibition of epic proportions opened at Flowefield Arts Centre last Saturday.  Renowned cerebral ceramicist Gail Mahon launched her elegant, site specific exhibition of pieces and installations, entitled 'Elemental Twitch: The Middle Mass Findings', that are the culmination of a lengthy investigation of the material and ideas.

She says of her work:
"I love to play with the possibilities in interaction and immediacy through multiple part arrangements; using configurations, fragmented ideas and surreal elements in order to assemble objects, which reference themes of the subconscious, memory, incompleteness, structure and movement."

The exhibition will run until 3rd November at Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart.

'Tube Loop Choke Hold'

'White Tunnel Run'

'Black Tunnel Diamond'

'The Landing'

Detail of 'The Landing', crushed crockery and slip-cast bee!

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