Tuesday 15 May 2012

Baby Light my Fire!

 As part of the celebrations marking the journey of the Olympic torch across the north coast of N.Ireland, Flowerfield Arts Centre will host 2 events that celebrate the manipulation of fire in the creation of craft. Admission free!

Saturday 2nd June:
Adam Frew will be firing a wood kiln on the grounds of Flowerfield.  Learn about eastern influenced, high temperature, wood fired ceramics and experience the process first hand!  A group of participants will have the opportunity to make and fire their work in the kiln (sold out), and the public are invited to watch the firing as it progresses.

 Adam wood firing

The 'Pack'

Sunday 3rd June:
A unique opportunity to see glass blowing in Northern Ireland! Andrea Spencer, Scott Benefield and Catherine Keenan work, talk and explain the magic of manipulating molten glass.  This 2000-year-old hot craft is brought bang up to date through the creative skill of these artists.  Come and see the action, meet the artists and enjoy the experience.

Scott Benefield

Andrea Spencer

Catherine Keenan

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